Curated Editions

Tjin Lee and Angie Lai met five years ago, bonding over a shared love of fashion and shiny things. Angie was always “the stylish girlfriend” with the most coveted accessories, effortlessly pairing high fashion with flea market finds. After years of envying her style, Tjin finally persuaded Angie to start an online business that would allow us to share Angie’s unique sense of style, and favorite finds with friends and others who love shiny things.

Find out more about Curated Editions and shop their range of bold, quirky and eccentric accessories at Blueprint Emporium this coming weekend 19 & 20 May at Suntec Convention Centre!

webcam to gif
Curated Editions

CURATED LUXE Noir Dinosaur Cuff + SOURCED S$39 onwards

SOURCED S$39-S$129

SOURCED Alexis Bracelet Set S$89

SOURCED Kaal Bracelet Set S$69

SOURCED Bridget Bracelet Set S$129

SOURCED Amanda Bracelet Set S$39


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