Kiki Culte

Local accessories label Kiki Culte was founded in 2011 by Penn, nicknamed KitKat by her friends. The nocturnally inspired artist devotes all her time to her passion for all kinds of handcrafted art, which include the recent handmade weave accessories.

It all started with an impulsive purchase of an exquisite branded bracelet, which tempted her to want for more. With her gifted trait in handmade art, the most practical thought came to mind – self attempt at weaving out the masterpiece! Soon, Penn started sharing her pieces among friends, who egged her on to start her signature brand, and let’s say the rest is history…

Find out more about Kiki Culte at Blueprint Emporium on 19 & 20 May at Suntec Convention Centre!
Kiki Culte

Le Roche series 1, $128-$188

Le Prime series 1, $688

Le Glam series 2, $138-$228

Le Glam series 1, $138-$228

Le Charme Series, $188-$388

Le Charme Series, $188-$338


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