W.E.D (Wear Emerging Movement) by BLUEPRINT

As you know Blueprint is all about getting emerging designers more opportunities, be it through media coverage or trade. We have created a “Wear Emerging Designers” movement to involve more people, beyond those who are “in the know”.

In conjunction with the movement, we organized a #tonightweWED event at Butterfactory on 15 February in conjunction with Social Media Week Singapore and more than 200 people attended! The FASH room was fully packed with designers, muses, media and fashion students. Local street-style photographer Darren Lee of Shentonista was on hand to photograph the people and tweets involving #tonightweWED were streamed on screen. In the later part of the night, a promotional stop-motion video for W.E.D. was unveiled. If you haven’t watch it, check it out on Youtube now!

Special thanks to Martin, Lester, Steph and Daryl for being part of the video.

Tonight We W.E.D is sponsored by The Butter Factory and Johnny Walker.


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